How to be an artist?


Well … I see a lot of drawing in episode like the art sences or the cover and I have to say that it’s really amazing that you can draw by yourself but sometimes people like me in need of tutorials in drawing and I want to be an artist in episode to have my own drawings and also to help others in need of drawings , I know I requested drawings before but I think If I became an artist I would help the ones who helped me before so anyone knows how to draw can teach me?


To start yourself out, you probably should watch Nighty’s editing videos on YouTube. They helped me out a lot! Then you have to decide which editing program you would like to use. Myself and a lot of others use IbisPaint x. It’s free, and it’s a great way to start yourself out! If you have Instagram, there are also a few accounts that are specifically made for tutorials. They have tutorials for hair, eyelashes, eyes, etc. If you’d like I can name some for you. You should always keep in mind: Don’t compare yourself to others. They’ve just had a lot more practice. Everyone started somewhere. It’s okay to look up to someone’s edits or like, take inspiration from their art and such, but don’t put yourself down because “you’ll never be as good as them” or something along those lines. I hope this helps! :heart:


Thank you very much for the advice it was really nice of you but ibisPaint X is in phone and it’s really hard to control and I see a lot of you do it on the laptop or the computer and can you name Mr the ones that make tutorials I will be really grateful to you :heart_eyes::heart::heart::heart::heart:


Of course! Hmm, if you’d like programs for laptop, I can’t help you there. :sweat_smile: I personally edit on my phone. But, there are definitely some who probably use a laptop! You might have to ask around a bit, but I’m sure you’ll find some suggestions! The tutorial accounts in Instagram are: @epitutorials @tutorialsepisode and if you go to some of @crystala.edits older posts, she has a few tutorials. :heart:


Thank you very much I really appreciate it :heart::heart::heart: