How to be funny in episode stories

funny authors… how do you do it? I feel like i shouldn’t depend on tiktok memes


I consider myself funny not in my writing but in real life and I feel that is where it comes from for most. Just create a character with your humour. Don’t plan to be funny just write what you come up with naturally during a scene if it fits.


I agree with what’s said above. Using sound/music can also really create an effect, but some people don’t turn on sound when reading so don’t fully rely on that. Keep in mind that everyone has different humour so don’t stress yourself out too much trying to get everyone to laugh, because there will be some people who laugh and support you :)))


I agree with the comments above… most of the time readers can tell when the humour is disingenuous or forced and a lot of the time it comes off as cheesy as opposed to actually being funny.

I’d focus on creating personalities for your characters, it will help with imaging their conversations and interactions and will automatically help create a naturally entertaining dialogue.