How to be in the trending section?

Does someone know how the trending section even works? Like how to be in top 10 etc… Because I’m like 115th in romance

Romance is generally a very hard genre to trend in…but Episode looks at the reader’s retention and how many gems were spent in the story :smile:

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So is it maybe better to put my story in drama maybe? It’s also a drama and it’s probably easier to be there

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The genre won’t matter too much if your story is not going up in reads. In order to be trending you need to get a lot of reads in a small time and then continue gaining those reads to stay trending. Gems also ultimately have a say in your rank, stories in which a reader chooses gem options should give the story a rank boost.


I don’t think that will change much, since drama is also a hard genre to trend in :smile:

It’s important that the readers read all the episodes, cause even if the story has 10k reads but only 50% of the readers finish it, it won’t trend, so the reader’s retention is much more important than the reads itself :blush:

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okay thank you for your help✨

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