How to block a user? (Please help!)


So, there’s a certain user that causes a lot of drama, spreads rumors, and handles problems In a very immature way. She’s also been suspended and reported many times, but continues to create new accounts, change into fake names, and basically lie to cover her identity to the admin. A lot of people have been dragged into her drama, so a lot of people may know who she is. Anyway, she causes too much stress on my part and I wont stand around and be victimized by her cyber-bullying anymore. :sob: I want to block her (and maybe report her) so I can avoid having my reputation as a cheery artist ruined for someone who seems to be out to get me for no reason.

How do I block this user?

(Any maybe report her…)

~ Love and peace to everyone, Dahl


Check this thread out:


You can’t block them, but here is how to mute them.


Please refer to the above link to see how to mute users on the forums. Thanks!


I honestly had no idea this existed. Thank you!