How to blur out the bg?


So I saw this cool thing that people do in stories, where the mc is standing and her surroundings suddenly blurs out only showing the mc. How do you do that?


They probably used overlays.


You need to make your background an overlay and move your MC in front of this overlay and the others behind.
Make your overlay opacity 0.5 (you can choose something between 0.1 - 0.9)

Example: overlay in on layer 10 - put your MC on layer 11 and the others on layer 9, 8 …


So like this?
&Overlay OVERLAY to layer 10 in 3
&CHARACTER moves to layer 11 in 3
@BG CHARACTER moves to layer 9 in 3


you still need a blurred background, using a normal one just make it transparent.


And how do I do that with usinf a blurred bg?


Here’s a script I made for someone as an example:

@overlay BLUR opacity 0 in 0
@CHARACTER enters from left to screen center
@CHARACTER moves to layer 5
@overlay BLUR opacity 1 in 0.5

BLUR is one-panel background (blurred in the editing program) uploaded as an overlay


@overlay OVERLAY create
@overlay OVERLAY shifts to 0 0 in 0
@overlay OVERLAY scales to 1.0 1.0 in 0
@overlay OVERLAY opacity 0.5 in 0
@overlay OVERLAY moves to layer 10

&MC spot (-) in zone (-) and MC moves to layer 11
&CHARACTER1 spot (-) in zone (-) and CHARACTER1 moves to layer 9
&CHARACTER2 spot (-) in zone (-) and CHARACTER2 moves to layer 8


Thank you :smile: it gave me a lot of help


One more question, how do you make the blur into a png in the editing program?


Usually when you save it there’s an option to choose the format


So you download the bg and blur it out?


Yes, basically. Just make sure the size of an overlay it’s below 1MB


But then the bg characters will be gone if I add another bg over them


You can use opacity 0.95 for example instead of 1.0 so the background characters will be slightly visible


Omg thank you so much!