📱 HOW TO: Carry on writing on Mobile


Thanks to @Aleexx for helping me with this!

Writing on mobile creation is easier for some writers, I get that. You want to edit something but you’re afraid you’ll lose the ability to editing on your phone? I found a solution!

You’ll need 2 stories for that, but think how many possibilities this will give you!

Writers portal has more features, but I know it’s harder to learn how to code.

You can add to your script dressing game, or have your own outfits or different backgrounds, which is something you can’t do on mobile.

So here’s what to do:

Let’s say your story name is: MAIN STORY

You wish you could publish or change character in a different outfit.

Do it :slight_smile:

After it, you won’t access your story from mobile, but you can create a copy of your story on the phone.

Let’s name it: COPY STORY


Make the same characters on mobile, (I know… ) and carry on writing when you left off your MAIN STORY.

So when you finish your scenes on mobile creation, it’s time to add them to your main story.

Log in to a writers portal and find your COPY STORY on the list.

Go to an episode, and when you open it you’ll see the script.


Copy it! But don’t cut it out, and don’t save it, because if you do, you’ll lose another version of the mobile story.

Just copy the script for that episode, and go to your MAIN STORY on the writers portal, and paste your script there and THAT’S IT! Add something if you need. Then you can use web preview and publish next episode!

Hope this helps!

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Amazing! Thank you :heart_eyes_cat: :star2:

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Great idea! :slight_smile:

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