📱 HOW TO: Carry on writing on Mobile

Thank you for this, this is something I wanted to know how to do as I had a ice storm and lost Internet for computer due to it and only had my phone. Wish I has seen this sooner, but will use if ever need to again. :slight_smile:

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is it weird that i didnt understand it

PM me :wink:

Wow that is so cool… I never would have thought of that. Thanks… boy------- do I need a mentor…

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I’m not new to episode, but unfortunately I’m new to the coding. Can someone teach me this and how to use the codes to make a choice send the character back to the beginning of the choice options?

I guess I can help. Lol

That would be great! Do I message you somewhere or?

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I messaged you as well on the PM :smile:


@Jeremy / @Sydney_H please close this thread :slight_smile:

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: