How to change back into a chosen outfit?

So, I’m writing this story and the reader can choose their outfit and after that I have a flashback scene, so I changed the YOU character into the correct outfit for that scene., but how do I change the YOU character back into the outfit which the reader chose at the beginning? Because he remained in the ‘flashback scene’ outfit for the rest of the story.

Please let me know if you know something, thanks!

I’m not sure how to do that

Maybe you can let the readers choose the outfit after flashback or after your flashback you could just ask what outfit were you wearing, then you add choice and they choose the outfit they previously choose.

But if you want the answer there is one thread made called “Stupid questions never get answers,…”
They should be able to help you. :slightly_smiling_face:

You need to use gains but my best advice would be creating a duplicate for flashbacks.

And what do you mean by that? (Sorry, I’m a beginner)

Create a character that looks exactly same, then change their outfit and use them for the scene

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Does that work with custom characters? Like the ones the reader creates?

Yes, create the character on the character creation part of the portal, then write this


in your script

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Okay, thank you so much!

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This post is very helpful:

Also if you have two characters - example LISA and LISAFLASH, you can change the display name of LISAFLASH into LISA.

And yes, remembering outfit choices does require gain/flags.
PM me if you want and I will show you how the outfit remembering choices work.

Have a nice day!

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I’ve been playing around with the hack a little bit, and the dublicate was the same as the YOU character but he wasnt wearing the right outfit… God, why is this so complicated.

Btw, idk how to pm someone

Hi, if you do make a duplicate person, you can always go change what they are wearing by going to outfits. Also that’s great you are playing around- experimenting and trying things on Episode is a great way to learn and advance! And hey don’t worry, everything is hard and complicated at first (heck, I didn’t know anything when I started, not even spot directing) but with practice, my directing got better. Be patient, soon you will be a master of coding episodes. And to pm someone you would click their usernames on the forum and press message, then write something and send it.

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But the post said I should the dublicate offscreen so u dont see him.

Yes you can duplicate offscreen. Actually it’s better if you do.

Wait, could you explain how coding works to me, for this particular thing, bc I don’t understand how this duplicate works

Do you mean how to make someone change into looking exactly the same but not seeing the change?

Wait, lemme explain:

So I did what the post said, about duplicates. I made a new characters and did the @… becomes … thing and I placed him offscreen. But the post didn’t specify where I should add that command in the script, so I just typed it in somewhere, but the duplicate idk, it wasnt wearing the correct outfit and stuff and I’m so confused. I have no experience with episode at all and I’m kinda lost.

If you use that code, the duplicate will wear whatever the person you used becomes is wearing

If you wanna change them into the right outfit, just add the @CHARACTER changes into outfit, directly beneath. :slight_smile:

You wanna put the duplicated lines at the start of the flashback or anywhere before, then you can direct them as a normal person.

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Thank you so much, this was very hepful.