How to change back into a chosen outfit?

Wait no, I’m still confused. So I did this.

But after that when the flashback was over, he was still in the flashback outfit.

You need to have YOUFLASHBACK change into the outfit.

Like this?

If the flashback is the following scene, you as well have to change the YOU’s in the scene to YOUFLASHBACK.

so I should add @YOU becomes YOUFLASHBACK? But where

When using duplicates, it only copies the physical features.

YOU (talk_apathetic)

With this scripting, future you would be speaking, not flashback you.

So what do you suggest I do?

Replace the YOU’s with YOUFLASHBACK.

But YOUFLASHBACK stands offscreen

Then move them. The offscreen thing was simply so the features could be copied without being seen. When it was done in the thread forum’s script, it was directly after a customization, therefore the character didn’t need to be seen.

Hi, when you make the change, YOUFLASHBACK stands off screen however since you are using that character for the flash back you would show them on the screen during that scene instead of hiding them from viewers. Kind of like how when you cutomize yourself and a family member, the member stands off screen but in a scene, they would appear so we can see them talking/doing gestures.

And you only need to write @YOU becomes YOUFLASHBACK once I belive (if you add in another opportunity for customization for readers, then you will need to write it again because some things may change).

When you give the reader a choice of outfit, label the choice something like (outfit_choice), then after the flash back scene, you can say
"if (outfit_choice is “Pink dress”) {

@CHARACTER changes into pink_dress

} elif (outfit_choice is “blue_shirt”) {

@CHARACTER changes into blue_shirt


Hope this makes sense!

Since you already made YOUFLASHCACK become YOU (meaning same features) then that’s all. You wrote it.
Before “Under transition fade out black 2”
You can write
@YOUFLASHBACK stands screen right in zone 3
@pause for a beat
@transition fade out black 2

@zoom reset
@MISS LEE stands screen right…(write the rest)
@YOUFLASHBACK stands screen left… (write the rest)

I’m assuming the flashback occurs at the house.

I was aware of that :grin:

What I was attempting to explain is that the character YOU wouldn’t be used in the flashback, rather YOUFLASHBACK, sorry for the confusion!

Lol no I was talking to the user who needs help, I believe I accidently directed it at you. My bad. :sweat_smile:

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Earlier in the script:

YOU (think)
(What do I want to wear today?)

choice (outfit_choice)
“Pink dress”{
@YOU changes into Pink dress
@YOU changes into blue_shirt

YOU (idle_happy)
(Looking good.)

Then later on in the script you make YOU change outfits and you want the outfit they picked before you changed it remembered, you would write:

Moving on…

BTW, this is of course an example and there is other methods to remembering choices (I prefer a different way but it gives the same results).

@AnonymousAuthor1 you explained it perfectly! That example is nice :heart:

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Thank you!

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