How to change back to what the reader wants LIMELIGHT

the reader can change the character but in the story I sometimes give him red eyes and vampire teeth.
I have to undo this at the choice of the reader, but how do I do this?

i first did @JASON changes mouth into vampire …
@JASON changes eye color into red


I would recomand using a second chartere

make YOU and YOU2

then you use @YOU2 becomes YOU

and you can do it diffrent ways change you2 and always use you2 for the campire scenes or you can use can you and then after use you2 to change it back.

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but is there realy no other way :c i have to manny vampires one of them the reader can change and thats just to hard.

i thouth i coud do something like this

@JASON changes eye color into red

@JASON reterns to normal

I dont know of other ways.

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