How to change character height and how to move speech bubbles?

I’m trying to do a story and one of my characters happens to be laying on the floor while speaking, but the speech bubble isn’t near them so I guess I have to do it myself? Also I want to demonstrate height diversity can someone help plz I’d be so grateful

You have to use spot directing

Do you mind being more specific? Sorry I’m new to this I don’t mean to bother you

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No no its fine are you using mobile or laptop?

In laptop, when you preview the story there are buttons there for example like directing help and such you have to click the one that has direcring help i think :thinking: there are options like zoom spot and speechbubbles and such click on spot and from there scale and move your character to you liking, same goes for mobile… although in mobile you have to copy the code.

You go into preview and directing helper. On the right hand side there will be a button saying bubble spot or spot bubble. Something along those lines. Click that and then drag the bubble wherever you want it. Near the bottom, it will say @bubble (and a bunch of numbers). You put that line in your script, and it should come up x

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