How to change diamond cost

So I added a diamond choice, but now when i play my game, i think it is expensive a bit, so i edited the game and made it cheaper, from 10 to 2, now i can see changed in the code, but not in the app and previewer, what should i do? And to mention, i published again, but no change in the app

Unfortunately there is no 2, you can only change the cost to whatever shows up on the portal - I don’t know why it’s like this:)


Ok, maybe it is a bug in my code, i should check it again :blush: thank u

I think the 2 comes up, but it actually shows up as 15 or something

So I have chosen 2 :gem: from here, and thought it would cost 2gems :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Seems so confusing…Because of this I have chosen 15 Gems and played my game and was surprised how this could happen. in fact i wanted 5

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You can do five, the 2 and 6 I think are the ones that don’t work


Anything other than what’s shown in the screenshot, I believe, is a glitch from what I heard a while ago. But the cheapest gem set price is 5 and 35 being the highest for community stories :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, but :rofl:this is funny 2 :gem: are 15 gems, 6 :gem: is 6, 7 :gem: is 7, and 17 is GEMS only, i cant remember when i code