How to change duplicate character hairstyle? Not working? HELP


Hello, everyone. The story I am creating has limited customization and the story contains flashbacks from the past which is why I decided to create a duplicate character so that I can easily go from past to present day hairstyles/makeup changes of the main character without changing the hairstyles /looks that the reader/player selected prior. The problem I am having is that I insert the code to change hairstyles on the duplicate character but when I go on the portal and on my phone to view the changes, nothing happens. the hairstyle that the player selected remains. How do I solve this? Any help is much appreciated.
At the bottom is the beginning of the scene/flashback.
*PRIMROSE is the main character
*PRIMCOPY is the duplicate character

volume music 0 0
volume music 75 5000
music music_sadpianoprogression

readerMessage FLASHBACK

FILTER: Black and White

@set hsl 0 -100 0 no_colorize with blendMode NORMAL to 100%

Your filter will be enabled for every scene after this line

To turn off the filter, use “@reset hsl” or “@reset hsl in [# of seconds]”

@zoom reset
@PRIMCOPY changes hair into Short Wavy Hair Solid
@PRIMROSE changes into PRIMROSE_proposal

The image at the bottom is what it looks like in the portal and on my phone.
*The hairstyle the duplicate is wearing is not the one I want for this scene.


Just to clarify, I would want the duplicate character (PRIMCOPY) to change hairstyle to Short Wavy Hair Solid not the one she has in the image which is the one the player preselected at the beginning of the story.


It looks like you’re still using PRIMROSE instead of PRIMCOPY. You need to have PRIMCOPY change into that outfit and use PRIMCOPY for the whole scene, not PRIMROSE.


I made that change in my script but for some reason the hairstyle still remain the same. It does not change.

The first image is what still shows up in the portal. the second image is what now shows up on my phone.
*I re-customized the character in the second image.


Her outfit changed back to what it was in the prior scene.


sorry I just refreshed the portal and this is what shows up now.


this is what my script looks like now.


You’re still using PRIMROSE. You need to use PRIMCOPY for that entire scene.


Oh! I understand now. :sweat_smile: So throughout the whole scene I have to use PRIMCOPY. Even for dialogue right?




Okay :grinning: Thank you so much for your help!! I will make the changes now!


OMG!! THANK you so much again!! It worked!! :grinning::grin:



Solved and closed. :smiley: