HOW TO: Change Hairstyle, Lipstick, +MORE! (For beginners!)

  1. Changing Hairstyle!

@CHARACTER changes hair into (hairstyle)

  1. Lipstick!

@CHARACTER mouthColor into (lip color)

  1. Eye color

@CHARACTER changes eyesColor into (eye color)

  1. hair color!

@CHARACTER changes hairColor into (color)



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LOVE THIS helpful tip, thank you very much :purple_heart:

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I used this to change the hairstyle of my characters but it’s affected the whole story even when I reset the story progress HELP PLEASE!

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How has it affected your story? Please provide more detail :smiley:

It must be a glitch, it shouldn’t be effecting your whole story.

go click on this link and contact the episode team :slight_smile:

Don’t worry it won’t change characters hair for a whole story. It happens when you jump from episode to episode or from scene to scene. You can always change you character into default hair :slight_smile:

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Thanks Apes for helping us out!

Thanks for the help.:grinning:

Thanks for the help I appreciate it.:grinning:

When I reread episode one the character’s hair was changed but it’s okay now I’ve just used the same directing command at the start of episode 1 to put their hairstyle back.

Thanks for the help though.:smiley: