How to change lip color and hair

Hi so I’m kinda new but not at the same time…but anyway I was wondering how to you change hair and lip color during a episode.

Moved to Directing Helps and Tips since this will likely involve coding/scripting. :wink:

So I should look at the deirecting tips on the website?

I want to know too.For limelight?

You’re thinking of the Guides on the Writer’s Portal, right? :slight_smile: That would be a good place to look. Also you could search this category of the Forum for people who’ve had similar questions in the past. Just use the search icon at the top of the page and type in something like “change hair color” or “change lip color”. :smile:

Ok thanks! Also… do you know how to do make it look like people are texting?

Afraid I’m not too familiar with the script when it comes to the texting stuff. :wink: Try searching for that in this category. I’ve seen several other people who had a similar question, and there should be answers somewhere in here. :wink:

@CHARACTER1 changes mouthColor into Plum Gloss
@CHARACTER1 changes hairColor into Black Dark

To make it look like someone is texting:
@CHARACTER1 starts text_phone_neutral_loop

I meant in some of the episodes like the one with Camron Dallas has them have text messages and also I want to change lip color into a skin tone one and the hair into a new style

@CHARACTER changes hair into Hair Style
@CHARACTER changes mouthColor into Lip Color