How to change names on app editor for my own stories>?

How can I change character names on the app?? When I look at characters there is already some automatically there so ive just edited them to what I want my ones to look like…or should I just create new ones? And if I do that can I delete the automatic ones??? thxx xxxxx

Okay, so I can help you with this I just need some details. So are you writing with the writer’s portal or on your phone?

I’m so confused by the writers portal so I started on the app :frowning:

Okay, don’t panic. So, what exactly are you trying to change right now?

Just the names of the characters on the app. When I click “Characters” tab there is already some characters in there, is it possible to change their names? Or can I delete them and add in my own? It gets confusing having the “preset” ones there and then adding my own in as well lol!

Okay, So I don’t know much about the mobile creation cause I write on the writer’s portal. But I’ll try my best. So I’m guessing that you should just ignore the other characters and just create you’re own, cuz when you do that you can change their name. And just a quick heads up there are lots of things you can’t do on the mobile creation so I would definitely recommend the writer’s portal to anyone writing and trust me its not as confusing as you think!

Haha I just opened a topic for peoples opinions on both but I’m thinking about deleting my app version and starting on Writers Portal. Thanks for all your help girlll!!! xx

Aww no worries. And feel free to ask me anything you need, I’m gonna be on here for another hour or so. :grin:

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And I also make splashes so feel free to ask if you need any for you’re story. :slight_smile:

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Thanks heaps xx
Going to sound stupid but what are splashes :joy:

Splashes are pieces of slides that ait hors put into stories. Such as:
Warning mature themes
Follow me on insta
This story contains music and sounds etc.

I have a topic up if you wanna check out some of my work. :slight_smile:

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Oooo yes thankyou!! Ill check it out now and give you a message when I’m ready!!!

Thank you! And I’ll be glad to make them when you’re ready. :grin:

When you create a story in the mobile creator, you already get a few characters, that’s just how it is…

Writer portal has codes in script, you can’t use it without knowing how.
You can’t publish a story from the mobile creator, you can learn how to use the writer portal in the guides and in the forums.

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To get rid of them you have to start a new story on the portal (just start nothing else)
You’ll have a story without any characters and you’ll be able to write on mobile :slight_smile:

Sorry, i’m writing a mobile story and i can not change my story photo! If i go to Episode on the computer , i don’t see my story that i write on the phone , but i see the story that i write on the pc!
So i think i can change the image only with my phone but i don’t know how :frowning:

Maybe you’re signed into different accounts?

No i’m sure, because i’ve two stories one on the pc and one on the phone , The story of the pc is in the phone too. But the story of the phone is not on the pc , it is only on the phone. (Sorry for my inglish but i’m italian and i’m boring of using google translate lol)

It’s okay! I mean I don’t know too much about Mobile Creation but have how much have you written in your phone?

I’ve written 10 chapters , each one contains about 120/160 “slide”