How to change other charatcters skin tones

hey, so i need help because im letting the reader have the chance to customize the skin tone of the main character but the main character has a family how can i help the reader choose the skin of their choice also leading that the family members also having the same skintone as the main character


Have you tried Dara’s templates ?


Check her out

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It takes a while, but in each option for skin you write like this:

@BROTHER changes bodyColor into Neutral 03

and so on. Idk if that makes sense lol

@/clarkie.eps on instagram has a family customization template already made, all you have to do is change the names.

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but where do i write that at?

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go on instagram?

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yes, but I can link her template for you, all you have to do is credit her.

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Check out Dara Amarie’s website. It’s under the Duplicates, Twins, & Family Members in the guides section. She explains it a lot better :sweat_smile:



ok where can i find it because im in her page and i see alot of templates

i tried using her script but i keep having an error

you need a } under

@MUHAMED changes bodyColor into Neutral 04

can u do an example?

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put a } there.

OK i did but if the reader wants to change the skintone again howdoi make them go back to the choices

Did you write

label skintones

Before the choices??

Then in the “No, let me chose another one” choice, you write:

goto skintones