How to Change Outfits 'Need Urgent Help'

How to take a garment out of an outfit without having to create a new outfit

Example: If I want a boy to take his shirt off

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You have to do a new outfit, sorry :grimacing:

Yeah that’s the only way you can code it!

LUCA (animation)
It is so hot.
I should take my shirt off.
@LUCA changes into LUCA_no_shirt


That’s better.

You have to make a new outfit but you can make it faster! go to the outfit the boy is wearing, lets say its called boy_outfit_1. just under the save button is a textbox that says Enter New Outfit Name and then a blue button that says Copy Outfit. Put a new name in the textbox, like boy_outfit_2, and click copy. The new outfit will appear on your list. Go to it and remove the shirt. It’s a lot easier than finding all the items again. I hope this helps

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