How to change outfits with beauty marks

Hey guys so I have a question. For my script I have the option for readers to add Freckles and others stuff to the MC and I want to add a dressing game to change their outfits. How do I have that come to play? (I know how to do the basic dressing game but not something like this) :sweat_smile:

Edit: forgot to edit this but I mean like how to preview it before making a choice (I’m aware of @preview such and such but do I have to do it for all outfits?)

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Freckles and beauty marks are labeled as clothing items
just like tattoos
so you would have to add a second outfit for the charater

Hey, you’d have to always have two identical outfits one w freckles and one with not, than do the if/elif/else choices to remember whether they had freckles or not in each chapter

(I put random outfit names, but know they should be identical but one containing freckles)

It’d be something like this:
The first one
choice (FRECKLES)
“With freckles” {

@CHARACTER changes into CHARACTER_whatever_freckles
} “No freckles” {

@CHARACTER changes into CHARACTER_whatever_no_freckles

after, every time u do a dressing game do:

if ("FRECKLES is “With Freckles”) {
[clothes with freckles here]
else {
[no freckles outfit[
tbh idk if that works for outfits but lol

TO preview download on ur phone and preview it there

Ooooh that makes more sense! I also mean to preview the outfits not by previews or app but like adding something to show what the outfits look like before the readers make a choice

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oh for that u usually make them click the choice and add a label so like

label whatever_you_name

Which one should I choose?
choice { Option A
@CHARACTER changes into outfit

Do I like this?
choice { yea
} Nah

goto label whatever_you_name
} Option B

isk if that makes any sense lol

I am not sure if I got the last question but if you dont want the character to try on the clothes but you want them to be shown other way.

  1. you can use manekins
  1. you can use the clothes as tappable overlays

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