How to change size of a profile picture?



Hi Episode folks! I keep seeing people’s profile pictures are nice and zoomed out where you can see all of your avatars face. But my profile pic is zoomed in to half my avatars face. I tried going into my profile and finding a way to edit my profile pic but it doesn’t give me anything to play with. This is all on the Episode app by the way. Please help me figure this out. Thanks!


Do u want to send me the character to edit. Mine i just edited on my photo apps


That’s really nice of you but all want to do is change my profile picture on the episode app where you can see my avatars whole face not half of it. Is there a way to do that? :thinking:


I dont think so, i didnt for mine


That sucks. I wish epsiode allowed you to edit your profile pic on the app…well thanks anyways!


If your avatar is zoomed in like that then it’s a glitch. You should submit a ticket about the issue.


Ok thanks Dara. I will do that.