How to change skin colour

So for one of my episode, I want my MC to change her skin colour as she’s a little bit pale in the story but I don’t know how to change it so I was wondering if anyone else knows how to?

Use this code:
@CHARACTER changes skinColor to (color)

It doesn’t work, is ‘skincolour’ with capital ‘S’ and ‘C’

Oh okay. Atleast you figured it out.

Are you spelling skinColor with a “u”? I know “Colour” is correct spelling. However, I think the script only understands it when it is spelled as “Color”.

I’ve tried just now and it’s not working

Are you titling the skin color exactly how it’s named in the character settings?
Ex) “Copper 03”

@CHARACRACTER changes bodyColor into color
This should work

@CHARACTER changes bodyColor into Color

My story is in ink and yeah I am. this is what i’ve put.
@CHARACTER changes SkinColor to Beige

It’s not “SkinColor”, it’s bodyColor

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yeah, tried that as well now and it’s not working. are you even able to do it?

@CHARACTER changes bodyColor into Beige

Ahh! :joy::joy: It worked! Its @CHARACTER changes bodyColour into Beige. Thanks @Dara.Amarie

Lol, this is embarrassing! I knew it was bodyColor, but reading the previous comment I got confused! :joy:

:joy::joy: Yeah, I don’t know why and how I was struggling so much :joy::joy:

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