How to change the color of the choice buttons and speech bubbles?



how to change the color of the choice buttons and speech bubbles?


Well, when you create a new story, if you want pink choices and speech bubbles, you have to name your story ‘Mean Girls.’ Same if you want the purple ones, except with ‘Demi Lovato’. Hope this helped!


rename the story?


but i saw this story “bunny boilers” which has pink tiles and the story name appears as ‘bunny boilers’


After you name the story either ‘Demi Lovato’ or ‘Mean Girls’ you can rename the story once you’ve created your characters. I’ll send a pic of it



Where it says your story name, you can change it then press the ‘Save Changes’ button.


i am already working on a story and created charecter… so it won’t work anymore ryt?


I’m sorry no, but you can copy your script and paste it onto your new one.


oh… how do i change a colour of one specific tile?
like some exclusive choices are in golden ryt?


Heya I answered this question detailed on my help topic :slight_smile:




Before the choice name, put (PREMIUM>. I’ll do a quick demo.

CHARACTER1 (talk_think)
What should we do today?
(PREMIUM> “Go shopping!”
CHARACTER1 (talk_excited)
That sounds like so much fun!
(PREMIUM> “Nothing, stay at home and watch Netflix!”
CHARACTER1 (talk_exhausted)
That sounds like heaven, I’m so tired!
(and so on)
(except where the bracket is at the start put <)


thank you soo much!!! :slight_smile:
we should be in touch…
thanks for explaining patiently


It’s fine, I have tons of time to spare so xD


does this work with a pretty little liars name? like, can you make your bubbles gray like the PLL episodes if you name your story that, or does it only work with demi and mean girls?


It’s not working with PLL


I wish it was :sob::sob:


Yeah, the golden one is:


there’s also:




locked makes the option have a lock sign on it.

green makes the option look darker.


Me too! :disappointed: