How to change the eye colours back and forth in the stories


So i have just started a story and honestly, I’m not that good at the coding but i am learning slowly, i don’t wanna give to much of the story away because i really wanna make it amazing. The story revolves around vampires and creatures of the night, the main character has green eyes but id like for her to show her eyes changing red and fangs when she turns vampire mode. I’m not confident in doing this and have tried a few things yet nothing has seemed to work.

If anyone could give me some advice that would be amazing!!!


@CHARACTER changes eyesColor into [color]


Thank you, do you know if its the same with the fangs in the mouth?

yes, you can use @CHARACTER changes mouth into [mouth]

if you will not alow reader to CC this character you can youse “changes”

in case you have alowed CC so you dont know what eyes color reader has picked use “previews”.


Hey, its not letting me put anything like that its say the command doesnt exist. Any other suggestions?


I did try this, the character does have full CC

i can’t seem to figure it out

Could you perhaps include the error message and the relevant chunk of the code?

is your story LL or INK

There’s a way to do it even with CC (to change MC’s eye color to red then back to whatever color readers chose), but it’s slightly time-consuming to code and involves flags and the point system.

you can do this easily with one command using previews and you do not need to remember the readers choices.:wink:

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I just found the thread for that! Haha, thanks, Love.

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Thanks guys! i figured it out using the previews but yeah still i long way to go for myself, as i’m only just writing my first story! Still working on zones and camera angles which is gonna be the next challenge for me! thank you for all the help!

<3 xxx

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