How to change the lenguage



Hey! I was just wondering if I can change the lenguage on the app. is there anyway I can do that? or I have to completely change the lenguage of my phone?
BTW I have an iPhone 8+



English only :pensive:.

But there are a few stories in other languages.
What are you looking for ?


Spanish maybe? Well I saw this girl on YouTube reading a Spanish episode. So that’s why I was wondering there’s was a way to like change the lenguage. If you know any Spanish histories lmk :sparkling_heart:


This one seems good.


aye thx!! haha how did u find it? I mean do I just search up “Spanish” episodes?


Yeah :joy:.

This one has many reads ! :eyes:


LMFAOO. tysm💕


You’re so helpful :heart_eyes:
P.S the app should really have options for viewing stories in different languages-that would be amazing!


That would be amazing !




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I’m new in Episode and I’ve published my story “Difícil de Resistir, by Amanda Schaeffer” in Spanish because it’s my first language, so I’m more fluent than in English.
Have a nice day!


Hiiii. I might check it out later gurl… más te vale que si sea una historia buen ehh… hahaha xx