How to change to spotlight?

Hello everyone! I’m trying to write a story and I think that the spotlight is better than the full body and way easier for me. I already have a lot of characters made, is there a way to switch to spotlight without loosing the characters and outfits? Thank you in advance.


I don’t think so. I think you have to restart.

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Aww that’s terrible! Thank you for you answer Danielle.

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Of course! I gave up on a story for that very reason.

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Try putting this into your script:
set format spotlight


The code is:

set format spotlight

If you want to switch back to cinematic, the code is:

set format cinematic

Omg thank you so much! You saved so much work lmao.


You only have to create a new story if your story is spotlight and you want to switch to cinematic. But if your story is already cinematic, you can switch back and forth between spotlight and cinematic.


Ah. Okay.

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I made a story in spotlight one time and I used set format cinematic …it worked just fine!

This isn’t possible. Are you sure your story wasn’t orginally cinematic and you just used the spotlight format command then changed it back to cinematic?

If your story is originally created in the spotlight format, you will get this error message if you try to use the set format cinematic command:

Screenshot (48)


I got that error, but I ignored it & the story still works just fine in cinematic. I abandoned it, though, and now it’s just an EA for myself. Lol.
But, yeah. I thought it wasn’t possible, but it seems to be fine! :laughing:

I think you should be able to use spotlight even when you have the story set to cinematic, you just have to specify in your script that you want it to be spotlight

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Episode Cinematic

This defaults to Cinematic which uses full character animation and placement, but requires a bit more work to get the placement right. Best for fully-animated stories and scenes.

Note that this format allows you to switch between Cinematic and Spotlight at any time in your script.

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