How to change your character into it's original form?

So I have a hard time and don’t know how to code something like for example,

Your character’s hair color is black jet but then I wanted it to be brunette brown for some few scenes so how will I change it back? I mean can I use flags or something??

Help :pleading_face:

If you have some templates, can you share it to me? :pleading_face::pleading_face:

Do you have cc? If so, use #2.

  1. A permanent change would be
    @CHAR changes hair into (hair name)

  2. A temporary change would be
    @CHAR previews hair (hair name)
    And then when you want to change it back
    @CHAR unpreviews hair (hair name)
    If you have cc, using this way would bring it back to what the reader picked.


Thank you so much but I’m still a little confuse… what will I put in the (hair name) since I do not know what my readers picked??

You have to choose what the previewed hair name is going to be. Ex. Beach Wave

The reader customizes first. Then if you want to temporarily change it to Beach Wave, you write:
@CHAR previews hair Beach Wave

Then when you want to go back to the hair that the reader chose:
@CHAR unpreviews hair Beach Wave

The Beach Wave will only stay until the end of the episode if you don’t change it. So if you want to keep it for the next episode, you have to @CHAR previews hair Beach Wave again.
Otherwise, it will automatically go back to what the reader chose.

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OMG Thank you so much! Now I get it :heart_eyes: You’re such a great help! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

So if I’ll change the hair color, it will be
@CHAR previews haircolor (haircolor)

Like that??

Yes hairColor (uppercase C)

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