How To Change Your Forums Username! **TUTORIAL**


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How to change your forums Username

Many of you have been asking how to do it! I found a way. Please don’t do this many times, change your username at least once or twice… Choose wisely!

Tutorial // How to change your forums username

  1. Go to

  1. Click on submit a request, top right of the screen. You will arrive here.

  2. Enter in all the fields. If you don’t have a chat name or don’t know what a support ID is, type N/A.

Fill in all the provided fields. Here is how you fill them.

Email address
Enter your email.

Enter something like: “Changing my forums Username”. Something simple that describes your ticket.

Enter in: “I would like to change my Episode forums username to (new username)”. No spaces.

First & last name
Your first and last name…easy as pie. Its private, and only viewed by the Pocket Gems mods.

Support ID
I didn’t know what it meant, so I put: “N/A”. They emailed me, but didn’t say anything about Support ID. You’re good :wink:

Same as support ID.

Select “Episode”.

Issue Type
Select: “Forum issue”.

App store/platform
Select your platform… Apple IOS, Google or Amazon android.

Enter which device you’re using. IPad, Iphone, etc.

All the receipt, billing issues, attachements are NOT required!

Select your language.

Hope you understood! If any questions, concerns or remarks please tell me!

Please let us change our usernames!