How to change your profile picture the forums

New to the forums and you don’t know how to change your profile picture, well you’ve come to the right place :wink:
Beacuse today I will teach you how to change your profile picture on the forums :blush:

Step 1
Tap your profile in the top right corner

Step 2
Tap the profile icon when you open the menu

Step 3
Go in to “Preferences”

Step 4
Tap the edit icon

Step 5
Tap the circle thingy for “custom picture”, then tap upload and then pick your picture for it to be your profile picture.

Step 6
After choosing what picture you want for your profile, tap “Save Changes” and your profile picture will be saved.

Hope this helped!


Hey, your email is visible in the 5th screenshot and since you blurred it out in the other screenshots I thought I would let you know you can see it if you want to hide it. But this thread is useful because surprisingly I have seen a few people ask this question.


Thanks for letting me know, i didn’t see that

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Thank you :blush:


This is so helpful :+1:


Thank you,

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