How to changes the bubble color

How do you change the choice colors from blue to any other color? And some stories have pink instead of blue around all the bubbles. How do you do this??


You have to name your story Demi Lovato (for purple) or Mean Girls (for pink) when you first create your story. Then you can change the story name and it will still be purple or pink.
But this works only when you first create a story. If you have already named it differently, it won’t work.


Wow, I didn’t know this, that’s awesome!


Thank you


Wow i didn’t know about this! Thanks!!!:hugs:


To change a speech bubble you’ve got some options.

Blue title it as your normally would.

Purple title it as “Demi Lovato”, all capitals, no mistakes. Feel free to copy and paste this if you want.

Pink title it as “Mean Girls”, all capitals, no mistakes. Again, feel free to copy and paste if you want.

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I’ve tried this but it isn’t working for me

Did you do it as you first created the story? If you do it after it won’t work.

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I did it when I first created the story

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Did you spell it correctly with the first letter in the first word capitalized?

yes i did

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Then I don’t know, maybe it’s with the new speech bubble update?