How to characterizing facial looks characters in 'Characters'?

While I was making a character, I am aware if I end up not knowing what type of facial shape in each character’s parts (eyes, nose, brow, etc) according to my character’s personality. All I can think is I almost having them in the same shape facial, just different clothings and hair styles.

Is there a tip to do this?

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if you’re asking about duplicating the face of a character on another character, the answer is no, you cannot unfortunately.

hope this helped! <3

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Actually, no but thanks for the tips! ^^
It’s more like identify (example) which type of nose fits a character that is soft-hearted, edgy, etc :sweat_smile:

I did some Limelight characters for someone recently, they were all clique groups in school, so say for my Nerd, I gave him a chubby face, oval wide eyes so when you give them the thick rimmed glasses their eyes stand out and look geeky. Say for the Mean Girl, she would have a upturned flared nose, thin high angular eyebrows, diamond defined contour face, etc

Mean, Snobby, Over Confident characters should have sharp features.
Very Attractive characters should have soft yet defined features.
Kind hearted people should have soft features.

Side Note: when I say the nerd had chubby cheeks, it’s not to body shame, however its a contrast compared to the sharp features, like the above characters (unless you want a really hot Nerd).

I hope that answered your post correctly!

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I forgot to add Hair, long luscious hair/sleek updos for your confident girls, wavy tapered hair, shaggy, messy hair for the bad boys, you’re girl next door look would have ponytails, or short hair tucked, etc

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This looks helpful, thank you so much for stating it clearly~! :smiley:

Sharp features are not the only attractive types of features and not all nerds wear glasses or have “chubby” faces. Make your characters unique. Make them different. Not all mean girls are insanely attractive. Neither are nerds just wear glasses and chubby. Characters features should not define someone’s personality all the time. Slanted eyes does not mean your character is “Confident and snobby.” If your character is a specific race, facial features help determine it. It does not determine personality. Just keep this in mind. :slightly_smiling_face:

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This one is helpful and interesting tip so thank you so much for explaining more :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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