🍀 HOW TO: Choice Inside Choice :yay:

You can remember a choice inside a choice by using if/elif/else later on.

Here’s an example:

When you select “male”, and inside of that “yes/confirm” you can remember what was selected by using a gain. Same for the other choice in the female option.

Another example:


Gosh, I just knew you were going to say gains :pleading_face: Thanks, lovely, I appreciate the response and help! :blob_hearts:


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Excuse me I know I’m a bit late but I’ve done choice inside of a choice and I keep getting this error at line 522 (at my second choice “”) saying : expected character change or scene… What am I doing wrong?..
Here’s my script :

@NERO starts idle_sad_loop

KADEN (talk_sad)
Damn why do you look so bummed about it?
If you wanna talk to him I can help

NERO (talk_unsure)
I don’t know…

NERO (think_rubchin)
(Maybe I should…)

“I like talking to you for now”{

 KADEN (talk_smile_happy_loop)
 Aw that's sweet thanks
 Let's ChitChat then

@NERO idle_happy_pose
@KADEN starts idle
@NERO -1

“Yeah I’d like your help…”{

 KADEN (laugh_chuckle)
 Yeah he his handsome isn't he?
 Almost as much as me
 I'm allowed to say that as we are twins...
 I think?

@NERO idle_happy_pose
@NERO +1

Remove the second }, the one that I bolded. From what I see, you aren’t doing a choice inside a choice, you are just doing a regular choice (HOW TO: Simple Choices) :blue_heart:


You forgot the is or starts

@NERO starts idle_happy_pose

Same here.

I only copied a part of my scrip all of it would be too long. I am doing a choice inside of a choice that’s why there’s a second one. Thanks for the answer tho :slight_smile:
I will add the is/starts idle maybe that’s what I was missing

Feel free to PM (private message) me the whole script of where you are doing a choice inside a choice if you don’t want to share it publicly and we will solve it :+1:

That’s very very nice of you. Will do so because it’s still not working

Umh I’m new to this site I have no idea how to pm you I’m sorry…

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I PM’d you, don’t worry :+1:

But if you click on a user, it’ll say Message. You can select that and send them something privately. You can even message a group of people, add others to a message or remove yourself from one you didn’t create. Can remember this for next time :heart:

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Hey, hun. Can I message you with my questions? It’s a bit of a dozy and I’m trying to keep my plot a bit lowkey. :grimacing:

Sure you can message me with any directing questions you have :heart:

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