How to choose story name?

I’ve started my first Episode story recently and got stuck with choosing it’s name. I’m okay with creating charachters, developing plot and subplots, but when it comes to actually choosing story name I start coming up witg options that I don’t really like.

So do you have tips and tricks on making up a good name for you story? How do you choose and what’s important for you in the story name as for both a reader and author?

I like to use Synonyms or words with connotations/denotations of basic/common words. Like example if the word is Secrets…i use Clandestine/ Covert/ Unknown/Mystery/Private Affairs/Confidential/Enigma…and so on

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Personally, I’ve never been perfect either. I always find it easier to help other people will names than when it comes to creating my own. I guess that’s cause we are our own toughest critic - for some people anyways.

Most of the time, the title should describe the plot in as few words as possible.

In addition, there are many title generator or prompt sites.

Besides the front cover, the name of the first thing that is going to draw the reader so it needs. So it needs to be somewhat “catchy”; however, it needs to describe the story somehow.

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Maybe describe it in a forum post and ask the community to comment suggestions

That’s a good point :slight_smile: I have a feeling I need to rethink chapters’ names now keeping this in mind :slight_smile:
thank you!

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It’s easier to come up with ideas for other for me as well. I think the other problem besides being ‘my own toughest critic’ is that I know my story to well. With other’s I only know a gist and I can clearly see what to concentrate on. With my story my minds keep floating

To bo honest, I don’t think I’ve seen to many ‘catchy’ names. Usually you can predict the end of the story after seing the name of it haha that’s why I prefer names with little more ‘mystery’ in it

Anyway, thank you for your help!

I don’t think it will work for tbh
I love ideas people usually send each other, but I don’t think I’ll feel connected to the name someone make up for me (that sound weird, sorry haha)

Anyways I think I have my winner! Thanks to everyone who helped :slight_smile:

Catchy wasn’t a good adjective, but I was extremely tired when I wrote that. xD
Interesting would be more fitting. Titles need to be interesting, describe the story and not give away the plot. It’s hard, but it can be done.

But I get what you mean, about titles giving too much away.

Coming up with a good name can be difficult. Sometimes it’ll be the last thing you do before publishing.