How to code a car crash?

So in my story, there’s a scene where two dudes get into a car crash. I’ve heard about some of that overlay moving coding stuff but it seems complicated to code, especially since it not like, a friendly bumper cars game it’s a full on car crash lmfao. I’ve thought about doing a thing where someone’s like “don’t hit the brakes we’re about to crash wahhh” and the screen fades to black and the narrator gives a detailed explanation of the car crash, then the scene opens back up with a customized background with a pic of a car crash. The latter seems kind of lacking but that’s what I can think of at the moment. Does anyone have any other cool ideas? Thanks!!


When I read this I thought that you could show what’s going on in each car and then after use overlays to actually show the crash, and when they crash you could use zooming to show distress and then you could go black and explain


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im going to make a easy template for this, but like Im not sure how anyone else would want the crash to be like, so im just gonna make easy one.

It will be in my thread, once I have completed it.