How to Code a Dressing Game using Tappables?

Hi, I’ve seen in many stories now dressing games where the reader chooses their outfit by tapping on the actual outfits, instead of choices. I think this is so cool and want to integrate it into my stories… but I have no idea where to start. I’m assuming the outfits themselves are tappable overlays, but can someone walk me through how to code something like this?

Like how to get the overlays in the first place, do I have to save and edit the pictures from the writer’s portal or is there another way to do it?

And any tips for working with tappables would be greatly appreciated!


I would ask an art shop for the overlays and the look up How to use tappables I’m pretty sure there is an explanation on the forums about them

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A Basic Guide to Tappable Overlays

To get the outfits as overlays, right click on the clothing image in the outfit creator and click on “Copy Image Address”. Then paste that in the URL box of your browser. Save the image to your computer, then upload the image as an overlay. The image is already a PNG image.

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omg tysm! and that’s to get one article of clothing right? how can i get it so that the whole outfit is one choice?

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