How to code asking the readers if they want to customize their characters or not?


Hi! So recently I have been on the forums and I came across a thread that asked people if they like or don’t like customization… The answers were about 50/50… So, I was thinking, what if in the beginning of my story, I ask the readers if they want to customize or not? Is this possible? If so, how would I use the gains and codes and stuff? If you know how to do something like this, let me know because I feel like every minute I am confusing myself more and more…


Yes you can.
You need to write it like this
Do you want to customise?
“Yes” {
Do the customisation template here
} “No” {
Okay,onto the story then.}

You will find character customisation on the right side of your script somewhere. Or ask on forum for it .


Okay! So, I don’t have to use gains or anything?


Templates cannot be inside of choices because templates have labels and labels cannot be inside of brackets. So you need to put the template outside of the choice, and put a goto inside the choice that leads to the very first label of the cc template.

Do you want to customize?

“Yes!” {
goto template_label

} “No” {
got after_template

[customization template here]

label after_template

[rest of story here]


Oh, okay! Thank you so much!


Looks like you got your answer :hugs: and I was wrong :sweat_smile::joy:


That’s no problem! And I do need to thank you! You tried and made me feel relieved when I realized I didn’t have to use gains! :joy::joy:


:joy:I am happy :grin: ohh…and if you found the answer don’t forget to tag mods to close this​:hugs:


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