How to code for branching with character points?

Hello. First off, I’m sorry if this is confusing. I’m new to branching out and am currently using gain. The basics of the story is that two people are trapped in a compound and are trying to escape. I’m having the player use points (STEALTH and CONFIDENCE), and depending on how many points they have, they either get the item or do not. The start of the branching is the gain “janitor” and “kitchen”. So far, the branching off of these two gains is either they get “proof” or “no_proof” depending on the character points. “STEALTH” is connected to the “janitor” gain and “CONFIDENCE” is connected to the “kitchen” gain. The total points for each is 6. If the character points is 1-3, the player doesn’t get an item (gain), but if it >4, the player gets the item (gain). Here are the gains I have:


Here are the gains I want to have. The character points I want for each gain is listed next to it.

Gain janitor_proof_camera (STEALTH >4)
Gain janitor_proof_no_camera (STEALTH <3)
Gain janitor_no_proof_camera (STEALTH >4)
Gain janitor_no_proof_no_camera (STEALTH <3)
Gain kitchen_proof_camera (CONFIDENCE >4)
Gain kitchen_proof_no_camera (CONFIDENCE <3)
Gain kitchen_no_proof_camera (CONFIDENCE >4)
Gain kitchen_no_proof_no_camera (CONFIDENCE <3)

(Yes, I do know I have to have the points less than 3 has to be coded with “GAIN =1,” “GIAN =2,” and “GAIN =3”, I’m just writing “GAIN <3” to make it easier for writing this post.)

Here’s the code I have. I haven’t put any code with the characters into the portal yet (I’m currently writing it):


#scenes for janitor_proof


#scenes for janitor_no_proof


#scenes for kitchen_proof


#scenes for kitchen_no_proof


What do I do for each gain (janitor and kitchen) to branch off into different branches depending on the character points? I’m sorry if this is confusing. Thanks!

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