How To Code in a Letter/Email Format

Hi guys,

So I’m writing a college story and I want the main character to get an acceptance letter saying something along the lines of.


It is with great pleasure that I inform you you have been admitted into Brighton University.

I don’t know how to just have a plain text that will lay over a INT. Letter artwork that I made. I considered just having the letter already be typed into the artwork, but I really want the reader’s name, whatever they chose, to be in the letter. And not just say, “dear student”

Is there any way to do this?

Thank you so much!

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I believe that the create overlay from text will work with custom names, however I’m not entirely sure if it will work or not, because I don’t believe I’ve used it for that.

The code I’m referring to, as used in my story, is:

&ui S create text |color: white, shadow: black |+AMETHYST

These overlays could be scaled up and you can use text effects on them to control color/shadow/etc.
As I said, I’m not sure if they do work for your purpose, however I would recommend testing them out. Unfortunately, there is only one font that these exist in.
I would try the code below and see if it works.

&overlay INTRO create text Dear [FIRSTNAME],
&overlay INTRO opacity 1
&overlay INTRO scales to z z
&overlay INTRO shifts to x y

Update: I’ve tested it and it totally works!
Good luck setting up the admissions letter and writing your story! :grin: :hibiscus:


Happy that this has been solved for you @passionfruit :yay: Marked as solved and closed with a special thanks to @Mickey_Writer for the help :v: