How to code sound?

@sound music_danceclub
I want to add this club music but it comes with error. What am i doing wrong?


You don’t need the “@”, remove it. Also, you can use “music” instead of “sound” if you want the music to loop.

sound music_danceclub ← Will only play once.
music music_danceclub ← Will loop.


Check this link for guide. It may help you.

thank you it worked.

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this is very resourceful thank you so much

@partyanimal2 stands screen left AND party animal 2 is dance_sway_loop_rear
@partyanimal1 stands screen right AND party animal 1 is dance_shake_happy_loop

if you dont mind me asking, i did this code and its showing error. DO you know how to correct it?

Did you capitalize the name? It has to be capitalized:



You spell their names differently. Is it PARTYANIMAL2 or PARTY ANIMAL 2? Make sure you are capitalizing their script names and spelling them correctly. The same applies for:

Also needs to be capitalized and spelled correctly as it is.

i had spelled it as: party animal 1 and party 2
this was the name i gave in the script name

@PARTY ANIMAL 2 stands screen left AND PARTY ANIMAL 2 is dance_sway_loop_rear

@PARTY ANIMAL 1 stands screen right AND PARTY ANIMAL 1 is dance_shake_happy_loop

PARTY 2 or PARTY ANIMAL 2? If no ANIMAL is in the name, then for PARTY ANIMAL 2 above, erase the word ANIMAL from the name twice since it shows twice.

Recommend to check out these guides:

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party animal 2. Ill copy the code you gave

Yayaya. I could do it. Thank you

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