How to code the choice to type in a name or not?

(this is copy and pasted from another thread, thought it’d get answered quicker if I didn’t sneak it in another topic though.)

Hey, this is kinda complex so bear with me.
So, the mc in my story has a default name, but I want to give readers a choice to customize her name if they feel like it. Say, the default name is Remy- then there’s choice to keep the name as Remy or to change it. Since readers have a choice to type in the name, the display name for Remy is going to be [NAME]. But if readers choose to keep the name the same, how do I automatically make it so that the story fills in [NAME] as Remy?
Or should I just tell them to type in Remy in a type in choice and trust them on it?

Give a choice:

Do you want to change the name?
input What is your name? | What is your name? | Done (REMY)



If you put REMY in the input choice the reader will have their own name but in your script you it will be REMY. The only problem is the dialogue. I would use gains with this choice, so when reader choose to customise the name I would do if/else and add a name in brackets

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