How to code the point system

Hi! I have 2 love interests for my story and I want to use the point system.

Can someone help me how to code choices using the point system between the 2 love interests?

How do I keep track of the points?

Thank you so much! Much love :wink::revolving_hearts:

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Here is the link to Dara Amarie’s it explains very well how do code it :blush:


Thank you so much! I will try it out. Hopefully it works :relaxed:

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In general reader will gain points based on choices… like if reader act nice to one Li she will get point.

Later you can eather slternate story based on points… like in some situation will vome to help MC the LI who has more points.

Or you can lock some choices based on the points… like not having enoug points with LI will cause locked option for kisding him atc…

To keep track for yourself about the max points reader can possibly have in each chapter you need to do it manualy.

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I want it where based on what the reader chooses, the points will be added to the LI like “Friendship” and “Love.” There are 2 LIs in my story and if the reader chooses something nice then the the points will go to love or friendship depending on the option. But if the reader chooses something mean or denies something like an offer, then the reader gets no points towards the LI. I don’t know if that makes sense.

E.g. MC: “What should I do?”
Choice1: “Accept offer”
Choice2: “Say no”

Choice 1: If the offer is to go on a date and this choice is chosen then the points would go towards “love” but if the offer is to talk in a friendship way, then the points would go towards friendship with the LI.
Choice 2: If this choice is chosen, then no points would go towards the LI.

Do I understand right you want 4 point systems?



If so that is for sure possible.

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Yes, but there will be choices where one choice will be either love or friendship (depending on the situation) and the other choice will be a negative one like if the reader denies something so the reader gets no points.

I hope that makes sense.

Yes that is how point gaining works. I sence you need help but I am not sure in which way exactly.:grin: Can you maybe describe me what you need help with or what about points you need to be explained?

Like do you need example how to make such choice where reader gains points?

Or you need to explain how to use the gained points to make different results?

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I need help with the following things on how to code them in my script:

  1. When a reader makes a choice, how do I show the reader if they gained a love point or friendship point or no point?

  2. How do I show the reader how many points they gained with LI1 and LI2?

  3. How do I know how many points the reader has gained with both LIs?

This may help:

OKI so

  1. if a reader makes a choice that gives them points you can let him know either via narrator or (more used) via reader’s message.

On Example, it will look like this

With whom do you want to go on date

“Haydon” {
readerMessage you got +1 love point with Haydon

} “Kieran” {
readerMessage you got +1 love point with Kieran

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  1. To show the reader how many points he has pls see this article
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You will not know how may points each reader has gained there is no way how to know this. The only thing you can know is the min and max number of each point reader could have possibly gained.

The max amount of points you always have to count manually - so if the reader had the option to gain maximally 5 love points with one character in 1 chapter and 3points in 2 chapter

you know on the start of 3 chapter that he has anything between 0-8 points.

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How will I know that on the start of chapter 3 that he has anything between 0-8 points?

This makes sense but what if the choice is like this:

Scenario is SCARLET talking to HAYDON:
How should I respond?

choice1: Accept his invitation (gains a point if she accepts)
choice 2: Makes an excuse no to go (gains no points)

How do I code this scenario onto my script?

you will know because you will know how many points you have allowed the reader to gain - if you put in a chapter 3 choices where the reader can gain one specific type of point - YOU KNOW you put there these 3 options so you know the reader cant have more than 3 points.

Iis just bout YOU KEEPING TRACK OR RECORDS of the points you allow to be gained by readers.

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You will just simply not add the point gain code in the choice you don’t want the reader to gain points. :woman_shrugging:

How should I respond?

“Accept his invitation ” {
readerMessage you got +1 love point with Haydon

} “Makes an excuse no to go” {



Thank you so much! This helped me a lot! I appreciate it :relaxed:

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This was really helpful :blush:

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