How to color a background a different color?

Hi everyone, I’d like to know how to make custom backgrounds! I’ve seen all these people make their own and I’d like to know how! Like the take the original background and somehow color it? But it’s perfectly done, like they filtered it, sort of? I’ll get an example…
To this:

Do you guess see what I’m talking about? If you could help, please let me know!

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Girl this is ur specialty :heart:

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Maybe Photoshop is used for this background? :thinking:

I’ve used it in the past when I took a class on it (sadly, I don’t have it on my computer at the moment) and once on the program, I colored in an actress’ natural brown hair to purple-it was super cool ^^

Photoshop costs money to have though : )

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If you don’t want to spend money on Photoshop I recommend gimp. There is quite a lot of tutorials on Youtube on how to change colors on items in gimp if you decide to download it.

A really simple way to do it in gimp is to change hue on the photo but this might make some objects a colour you don’t want so you might have to edit them separately. I did this edit in a few seconds using gimp.