How to continue a story about a girl who was abused

How do I continue to write about a girl who was abused by her stepmother until her stepsister called Social Services and got placed into foster care?

You could write about life after she’s adopted or something.

Maybe the day she was adopted?

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Yes and he trying to adapt to her new home and family

Thanks! Can you help me with some dialogue? (If it’s not too much to ask)

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Sure. I’m not that great but I’ll try.

What should the dialogue for the day she gets adopted be?

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Maybe she’s waking up in a room and the person at the foster care place tells her to dress nicely because their is a couple looking to adopt.

Then the worker begins to give the couple a tour.

Okay! And when they’re meet Anna they say…

“Her, she’s the one.”

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Yes and Annas surprised


And the man says:

“Yes, what’s your name?”

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And Anna’s stuttering a little bit and acting very nervous.

Alright so…

“M-My name i-is A-Anna.”

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Then they ask how old she is.

And she says

“I-I’m 13.”

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Yes. The worker then tells her to go play with the other children and the worker and the couple start talking out the details.

The details of the adoption?

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Well I think before that the couple should ask about Anna then they talk about adoption.

Ask things like?
Also, could I PM you about these details? And would you be open to helping me from time to time?

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