How to continue a story with the players custom character name



Okay, so I have successfully given the reader the option to customise their own character, however I am not sure how to input into the script the name that the reader creates for their character. I would like them to be able to keep their own name for the whole story but I need a little help on how to input it into a limelight script? Someone help asap please.


If you changed the display name to Name then use [NAME] when wanting to call them it


Is that using the display name Name in the story? So do I change the name of the character in the script itself for the custom character?


Currently, even when they change their name it comes up in the rest of my script as LIGHTFEMALEAVATAR


Preview it on your phone


I did its still light female avatar on there also


Can i see your script for the name choosing part and what is her display name?


I just changed the display name to [NAME] and I will screenshot the part of my script for name choosing give me a moment ^^



Get rid of all the ‘first’ and make sure the display name doesnt have the brakets that brakets are for metioning the name during a character speaking


Ok so the display name just needs to be NAME?




Okay thanks


Would this be correct then?


That should work


It did, thank you so much for your help ^^


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