How To Continue This Emotional Scene? (Trigger Warning: bulimia)

Anna: Hey, E…
Eli: …
Anna: I’m sorry for this misunderstanding, but please let me explain…
Eli: …
Eli: (I’m sorry…)
Anna faints, falling into Eli’s arms
Eli: ANNA!
Anna wakes up a little
Eli: What did you do?!
Anna: I-I starved myself…
Anna: I just wanna be pretty enough for you…
Anna: I-I just w-want you to love me a-again…
Anna: N-Nobody has ev-ever loved me like y-you did…




Uh, is there something specific you need help with? Also, I suggest a trigger warning because this can catch a lot of people off-guard and upset/trigger them.


There are already trigger warnings in the beginning for each Episode. And I just need continuation ideas/dialogue

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I meant on the forum, but it’s good you have it in the story. You tagged a lot of people and some of them can be upset by this content.

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What’s happening?
Was Eli mad at her before she passed out?
Has she done this in the past?

You could go with the regular reassurance route (you’re beautiful this and that) or you could make him mad at her for doing what she did :woman_shrugging:t4:

It’s 3am here, no light bulb moment going on right now sorry.


Backstory: Anna and Eli are/were dating, but when a old friend of Anna’s kissed her without her content, Eli thought she was cheating and told her they were taking a break, and since Eli is the only one to make Anna feel truly loved, Anna didn’t take it well, and because she thought she could do it once, she could starve herself again, but for Eli, but her body is not anymore used to not getting food. Eli’s been ignoring her, and it’s broken Anna’s heart into pieces.


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I don’t know much about the topic bulimia, so I’ll try my best at providing some help on how to carry on your scene. For starters, based on that backstory, it sounds like Anna is going magically get better because of someone (the love interest) if that is the case, I can tell you right now that the route will upset a lot of people and you should probably reconsider going that route.

Is Anna starving herself because she wants Eli to love her? Or was Anna bulimic before meeting Eli? I think you can carry on this scene by having Eli call someone close to Anna that could help her or have Eli call the ambulance to take Anna to the hospital. But either way, if Eli is the love interest, then I wouldn’t go the route of him getting angry at her for doing this and blaming her. Also, another question. Did Anna starve herself because Eli caught someone kissing her without her consent?


Eli is a girl

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And no, she;s not Eli is gonna help her get through it, Anna had done this once before, years ago, to get her abusive stepmother to stop poking fun of her weight.


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Not exactly getting mad at her and then blaming her; I imagine if they’ve been in a relationship then Eli knows she’s done it before and Eli gets mad at her for doing it again because they have had to have a talk about it yeah?

The anger doesn’t have to necessarily play a factor with the way she treats the MC at that period of time; might just be an exclamation or a sentence show her anger or disappointment before putting her feelings aside for the MC


No, she starved herself because Eli told her they were taking a break, and then started completely ignoring her.

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I think it’s rlly important that after what Anna says that Eli tells Anna smth like. “u do not need to shrink urself to b worthy of my love. I will love u for u.” To reassure ppl who may b struggling with ED like Anna did. Maybe Eli should after this, insist on taking Anna to hospital. Maybe Eli should also take her to therapy. Just make sure to deal w ED gently. And make sure ur readers knw that Anna thinking that by shrinking herself that doesn’t make her more worthy. It looks good, so far :white_heart:


Realistically, Anna seems like a person to take things personally very easily, no? Judging by the way she is acting when Eli confronts her about it, I think it’s only reasonable she should have a hard time on her recovery journey.

Let’s establish all the points we’ve made so far.

(Conflict 1): Anna and Eli were/are dating, but an old friend kissed Anna under circumstances without her consent, leading to miscommuncation without the two. Who is this old friend? Does Eli know them, or only Anna?

(Conflict 2): Eli thought Anna was cheating, telling her they were taking a break. Apart of Anna’s personality, of course, she does NOT take this well. I’d assume at this point (If you brought up Anna’s backstory by this point, or maybe you haven’t yet I’d strongly reccomend to do it now, it’ll establish her personality and her hard time dealing with things like this) that Anna has some sort of abandonment issue.

Per her issue with her stepmother, she forced herself to starve herself all those years ago, maybe not intentionally but she did it because she feared that her only sense of “belonging” would leave her, although not very healthy.

(Conflict 3 // TW): She starts starving herself for Eli, thinking that maybe she doesn’t think she’s attractive enough, although the real problem was miscommunication the entire time.
Eli finds out after Anna faints, and Eli reacts accordingly depending on her personality.

(Relief 1): Anna confesses that she didn’t know what to do after Eli started ignoring her. Eli could respond with her finding out Anna cheated on her. Anna responds with what really happened. Eli realizes. 'I…I’m so sorry."
“I… thought you were cheating on me. I didn’t realize…” (idk lol)
Anna mutters: “I thought you were just ignoring me…”
“I didn’t know what or why, I just thought that maybe it had something to do with you not seeing me as pretty enough for you anymore.”

“What? Are you serious? Anna, I…”

(Relief 2):: Eli takes a breath, grabbing Anna’s hands.
“Come with therapy with me tommorrow, yeah?” // or // “Whatever you need, I’m here for you, alright?”

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Note: Also, if Eli isn’t going to help her with therapy (use the “Whatever you need, I’m here for you, alright?” dialogue. This will show that Eli is geniunely worried, but doesn’t want to force Anna to go to therapy if she isn’t ready to recover.

Anna sees that Eli is geniunely worried for her, maybe secretly signing up for therapy but not publicly announcing it to Eli because she doesn’t want to disappoint her if she drops out midway or something.

She wants to completely go through therapy and be sure that she won’t do it again before she confronts Eli (maybe she feels like its a burden to her if she does talk about it, since the entire reason she even did what she did was bc of fear Eli didn’t see her the same anymore)

So yeah, let me know what you think about the points I made :heart: :eyes:

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Are you still going ahead with this storyline? As someone with an ED (in recovery), I would be happy to offer advice if needs be.

I actually think it would be better if Anna was the one who decides to go to therapy. It would be much more empowering. I also think it would be more important for the Li to SHOW that they will support Anna regardless of her size, rather than to say that. But even then it just comes across as a very superficial understanding of bulimia. Body dysmorphia is only one small aspect (though significant) of ED’s.

…I don’t think bulimia is mentioned? From what I’ve seen in other threads, Anna relies on others a lot. She may need a little encouragement to get help & if so, I think it’s appropriate for Eli to give Anna a little encouragement…? Ngl, I agree w u tho. Anna getting herself help is much more independent & empowering for Anna, tho it can be difficult to admit u need help. sry my knowledge of ED’s is limited


Because of what you’ve been though

Uh, I’m sry if I haven’t been able to help u much I haven’t rlly had experience/knowledge on ED so I can’t make ur story that accurate :white_heart:


I think you should have Eli sit Anna down to have an in depth discussion about why she felt the need to starve herself, and why is she so desperate to have Eli’s love? Because that’s not really healthy. Where are the parents in this? The friends? No one should try to find their happiness in a person because then you’re placing all you baggage at someone else’s feet. Most of the time, those types of relationships don’t work out… Or are unhealthy with codependency.

Her doing this “for her” could potentially put more pressure on her, and their relationship. That is a heavy burden when the one you care about sees so little value in themselves…

Her telling her she’s doing this for Eli can also be seen as a copout of her not taking responsibility for her actions…