How to cope with grief


How do you cope with grief? Recently I just lost a great aunt :cold_sweat: who meant the world to me. Also I know this is stupid, but there’s Lil Peep, Avicii’s suicide! Then XXXtentacion. So much things happening at once, I have been big fans to these artists since forever, I’m not used to grief. How do you handle it? Honestly it hasn’t been going great. :cry:


Grieving is so important. Many people tend to try and suppress the strong emotions that come with loss. But truly the best thing to do would be to allow yourselves the time and the space to act according to your feelings (crying, screaming, talking, etc).

When I lost an old friend of mine a few years back, I reached out to all our friends in common and I spoke to each of them for hours. We cried together and got mad together and overall just pushed out all our anguish. This helped me a lot.

Try to stay positive. Death is unfortunately inevitably and if we focus too much on the whys or the what ifs then we’ll be upset all the time. It’s better to deal with the feelings and then move on gradually. Instead of dwelling on their absence, think of the good they brought into your life. Think of the nice memories you have of them and the unique experiences you’ve shared. Slowly they’ll become a light presence in your life that brings you bittersweet emotions.

Keep yourself among kind friends. They will support you and help you get through this tough time.
Write it out if you need to.
Draw it out if you need to.
Pray it out if you need to.


I lost a family friend due to cancer in 2013 or 2014. I was younger and didn’t know how to cope with it. But i distracted myself with things i loved and took time to mourn. I also reached out to the family and got to play with her kids. It helped me cope with grief and it may for you


I am very experienced in this area so I’m going to tell you what personally works for me rather than what you find in a website that generalizes everything and supplies no support whatsoever.

1. Crying. This is the best one. Just cry. I know it sounds stupid but it’s true. Listen to XXX’s music and try and think of things to make you cry even more while listening to his songs. Preferably in a bed whilst hugging a blanket or pillow. It can last up to 30 minutes but it will keep you going throughout the day.
2. Sitting down and talking to yourself. Believe it or not, this is just as effective. Ex. “Today XXX died. But I have to stay strong. Even though I have just lost my great aunt.” “At least they are both in a better place.”. It’s like having your own therapist who understands EVERYTHING…
3. Admit it. Just saying, "Okay. I know I’m sad. And I have every right to. There’s nothing wrong with any of this.
I struggled and still somewhat struggle with a very light form of depression. At least now it’s light. I wasn’t in a good mindset and so I quickly learned these 3 ways of coping. Don’t worry, I am also a huge super fan of XXX and loved Avicii as a kid and his songs would bring me memories of me when I was a lot younger. As to your aunt, I have lost MANY relatives including my mother and almost my step-mother, too. It will hurt for awhile but knowing that they are happy and that when you are sad, imagine them there, hugging you. That always seemed to help me too.
Hope this helps!!!:two_hearts:


Thank you, currently I have decided to scream into my pillow. :heart:


Thank you for your support. :heart: I agree with crying, we all need to let our emotions take the best out of us.


I’m so sorry that you have lost such important people in your life, and may the lord bless you and your soul. :heart:


I’m so sorry to hear that, and thank you for the support. :heart:


Thank you so much! I appreciate it:hearts:


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