How to copy and paste on iPhone

Does anyone know how to copy and paste in an ios

Source: How to Copy and Paste on an iPad or iPhone, and Between Devices

1. Find the content that you want to copy.

2. Tap and hold on the first word for about two seconds. When you lift your finger, you should see the word is highlighted, with “drag bars” – two blue dots – on either side.

You can fine-tune what text to copy using the drag bars.

Dave Johnson/Business Insider

3. Tap and drag the drag bars until you’ve selected the text you want to copy. You can include only text, or text and images in your selection.

4. In the black pop-up menu, tap “Copy.”

5. Go to the app where you want to paste the text.

6. Tap and hold for about two seconds, and then tap “Paste” in the pop-up menu.

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I tried to paste it in the text but it will not work

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