How to correctly write characters

hello every one i wanted your do’s and do not’s on writing different sexuality’s

In my case i wanted to write a gay male but you can answer this question on any sexuality

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Here are a few do not’s, when you are writing a character of different sexuality, that I am well aware of:
Don’t make their sexuality a personality. Sexuality is more of a preference for what kind of person you are into, so it does not completely dictate how they act. I have seen this mistake in a couple of stories. Some of the stories I had come across, they would introduce the character like this…

This is Jared, he is my gay best friend.
or …
This is Jared, he is very kind, quirky, weird, and did I mention he is gay?

Those examples are something to not do

The best way to write characters of different sexuality is just to write them the same way you would do with straight characters. They would casually have a partner of the different or the same gender without question as if it’s normal like with a straight couple, which it is. The difference between a character with different sexuality and a straight character was the struggles they have to face. For a character that’s not straight, they either have a problem with coming out the closet or they are able to come out the closet with ease and have a supportive family that loved them regardless. That’s one example of the struggles that straight characters don’t have to deal with.

And lastly, avoid the stereotypes of people in the LGBT. Again, sexuality doesn’t dictate what they do. There are stereotypes that gay dudes are often feminine, wears makeup, and shops a lot. There are some feminine gay guys, but not all of them are like this.


I know a gay guy who couldn’t really get more masculine :woman_shrugging:t2:

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yes !! thank you

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just write them as a normal person. they’re not different. obviously they’re attracted to different people but i mean… just don’t write the flamboyant gay guy, or tougher than everyone lesbian girl. just write them like a normal human being with likes and dislikes. hobbies and favorites.


you should really avoid stereotypes about gay people, but getting some stereotypes is okay. For example, I’ve met bunch of gay guys who looked like gay guys or lesbians who looked like lesbians-- like the stereotypes-- so of course some of that is okay, since it does exist, but don’t go too far with that., if you use a stereotype, do it lightly at least, but just make your gay character be the same as straight characters, just with different sexual preferences.
The best way to write them though is just make them normal people and then casually mix in they have a boyfriend/ girlfriend or that they’re interested in the other sex without making a big deal out of it. (unless you’re going for “haven’t come out of the closet yet” and then do it like that, but maybe make the character a bit shy)
I’ve read a book that had two characters be a lesbian couple
at some point and people hardly mentioned the fact they were a lesbian couple except of a few occasions (like strangers making comments, some adults being awkward-- they were teens, and the coming out of the closet to some people) and I just loved how casually that thing went, because sooo many times characters being gay is a whole thing, and it’s like half their personality, instead of them having an actual, realistic personality that doesn’t revolve around them being gay.

sorry for the excessive rambling, but i hope you got some sort of an advice from it

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Like one person likes maybe Star Trek plus stuff related to superheroes and the other one likes Star Wars and wrestling?

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yes thank you i totally agree ! :blush:

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