How to create a Game Menu with Start, Skip, Customise and Previous functionality?

Hey guys, I’m trying to create a game menu with four buttons: Start, Skip, Customize and Previous. How do I make them work? For now I was only able create a Customise button which let a user to choose the character look and thats it. I don’t understand how to add more functionality like what should happen after user has created the characters look, how can I run the game for him with chosen look?

I uploaded the video with what I have right now on imgur -

Check this out!


Yeah, I already saw it and it’s great!
But it’s just a screen and it doesn’t describe how to add functionality unfortunately :frowning:


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After you press done, try adding a “goto insert label for the menu

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label menu
goto story _start
goto skip
goto previously
goto customization
label customization
#customization here
#at the end
goto menu

label previously
#recap here
#at the end
goto menu

label story_start
#story here

label skip
#end of the episode here


Yeah thanks, I have this part. I don’t know how to start the game after they click start, as one of the examples.

I gave you an example :thinking: You mean start of episode? Just put a goto and then label with episode.

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Hey, my video explains everything you need. Including functionality and the start of the story😐 A lot of people already created their own menu after watching it.


Thank you for your video, it really helped me a lot. I just misunderstood a couple of things and today I finally figured it out. Thanks again!

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