How to create a shadow?

Hello everyone!

I’m a little stuck with something. In my story I want to start using shadows for my characters, I do this by creating a duplicate of my character and changing the bodycolour and haircolour to Silhouette. That’s all covered.
But when I want to remove the facial features (because obviously shadows don’t have features) I’m a little stuck. Like normally you would use “@SHADOW changes eyes into EyeType” but because I don’t want them to have any eyes I don’t know how to complete this code. Or even how to remove facial features without having to go to character customization.

My characters are customizable too which doesn’t make it possible for me to create a shadow duplicate in “character editing”. It has to be done in code.

Can anyone help?

So you want them to look something like this? No facial features?

Yes absolutely!
But without having to go to character customization, just all coding.

If yes, then only the hair and face need to be the same as your character’s. So you can create your shadow character yourself in the characters section in your story and only change the hair and the face to be exactly like your character’s. Using the: @SHADOWCHARACTER changes face into bla bla and @SHADOWCHARACTER changes hair into bla bla code


Well see that would be really handy, but these characters I’m creating it for are customizable by the reader. I don’t know what hairtype and facetype they’ll choose so I don’t know what to input…

Thanks for your time though!

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This will take some time, but you can add an additional line of code under the code where your reader chooses hair and face shape for their character. It will look something like this:
You need to put it under every choice where you want the characters to have the same features.


This might help you


Thank you so much! I think I will do it this way!

Thanks a lot x

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Thank you! I saw this earlier, but thanks for the reminder!

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