How to create cover images?


I’m Elsa ,I’m new to this community .I want to write a story n I came to know that we need to create two cover images one for web series n the other for mobile one .So I don’t know anything about how to create them ,so if anyone could tell it would be great n I’d be super grateful to u if u people tell me what’s beta reading .

Yours not so intelligent fellow member ,


You can ask the people in the forum for that…
Or if you want to make it yourself take a look at this thread-


Can u tell me what’s beta reading ?? That tutorial was helpful but I’m left with two doubts ,first one :once the cover images r created ,how do we add it to our story I mean how do we upload it on the app .second one : what’s the difference in the cover image for web series n mobile ones ,I mean do we have to create the covers in different dimensions ,if so then what r the dimensions ,please do tell.pretty please .


Beta reading…
It is a type of reader that will read your story whether published or unpublished story and help you correct your mistakes whether its in grammar, directing errors or any type of suggestions on how to improve your story…


You will upload it on the web portal and wait for the episode team to approve it…
Then when it has been approved…and when you PUBLISH your story you will be able to see it…
You won’t be able to see the cover unless its published


Yes the dimensions for the covers are different for the
small cover-420x580
Large cover-966x642


How to upload two covers with different dimensions for the same story n when we are done with the first 3 episodes ,what should we click on to publish it n another thing ,actually I don’t have internet connection for my PC right now that’s why I’m finding it a little difficult to understand the directions ,so sorry if I’m irritating u .And last question how can we show people with fangs n fairy stuff.N I want my character to do some magic so when I do it I want some light like blue kind of thing when she does that how to do that


Go on the web portal click here-

Click on the red circled image to do that


And to publish when you have written at least 3 episodes of 400 lines you can have it published as you can see in the upper image that in my story the publish button is blue but in yours it won’t be blue so when it turns blue you can publish the story…


Fairy and stuff can be found in the art catalog or when you are dressing up the characters…
The magic thing -
you can show it either by a transition command or by using overlay of magical balls and all that…


THANKS ,I’m super grateful to u ,thanks sneha now I understood it .Seriously if u need any help ,I’ll be there .I know I don’t know much but still if I can don’t hesitate to ask .


Hey we all know nothing about this since the first instance we join it takes time and practice to get a hang of everything…


Oh… and feel free to PM (Private Message) me if you have any more trouble…


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